Alon Basela by Avishai Cohen

I believe I’m an oak tree in the rock
Even if a storm will hit me
I will keep standing
When I she’d a tear I plant a tree

Sorrow is the soul
And I am nature

I believe in mankind
And in the sky
I exist in the ocean
And in the tree
As long as I live
I will remember
Happiness is the people
For better and ever


Cuz’ it’s been so long


It’s been so long
Since I saw you I know
But I often think of you though
And I want you to know
I loved you

And I want you to know
I loved you

Don’t go I’ll miss you
Stay more I need you too
Before you go
Let me hold and kiss you

Cause I loved you so…

(It’s been so long by Avishai Cohen from his album Aurora)